I bet every single one of us has, at some stage of the dog training journey, heard the saying that “You should be ready to do lots and lots of repetitions to nail this exercise”. I recall having heard this several times, especially linked to precision behaviors like a running contact or training position changes for obedience…

This belief is so often ingrained into our brains that we don’t even think there may be something wrong with it… But the truth is – learning should happen fast. We are talking about within a couple of repetitions kind of fast. Here I don’t mean you should get a stellar running contact performance within a couple of repetitions… But you should definitely see progress in your desired direction very, very quickly and in every single training session. If you don’t then there’s something wrong…

In this episode learn the essential elements you need to have in place to move forward quickly in your training instead of being stuck in the repetition land!

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