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Who is Mari Valgma?

Mari is a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer located in Tallinn, Estonia. For the last 5 years, Mari has leveraged her canine fitness skills and passion for training concepts to help dog trainers like you train their dogs to move with balance, precision and awareness. So that the dog can focus better on the work, react quickly to cues while also having fewer falls and accidents that could end up as career ending injuries.

Mari’s unique approach combines handler mechanics, training concepts and fitness training into a cohesive whole in her unique movement exercises. Thus reducing frustration for both the dog and the handler through clearer communication and reliable skill building.

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What they are saying…

– Hélène Lawler –
Fenzi Dog Sports Academy instructor, Founder of Shaping Chaos and Dog Sport Scholars

Mari’s systematic program teaches both dog and handler the skills we need for performance excellence without danger of over-arousal (hallelujah!), all the while building confidence and developing excellence in communication.

If you’re struggling with arousal problems, confusion, lack of engagement, imprecise behaviours, or simply want to build the best possible foundation using cutting edge training, join this program now. Both your dog and your inner geek will forever be grateful.

– Reet Volt –
FCI Agility World Championship team member 2019
FMBB World Championship agility team gold 2019

Mari’s methods of teaching canine body coordination are nothing short of genius. I was not new to paw targets or clicker training, however, I was amazed by how much I could improve my training in this area.

The setup of Mari’s exercises is designed so that both the dog and the handler will experience the minimum amount of error and frustration.

Her program really is a must for any training enthusiast, I guarantee you will learn something new!

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The #1 tip for keeping your dog in The Flow

As soon as my dogs start looking at me because of my faulty mechanics, they find it very difficult to focus on the exercises. They may miss one of the cones when looking at me. They struggle figuring out the foot pattern. And they may even trip and lose their balance during the exercises. They are no longer in The Flow mindset for coordination work, they are no longer mindful about their own movement but rather multitask, trying to keep an eye on me + do the exercise.

Why does your dog need slow movement exercises

Slow movement exercises allow the nervous system to sense even the smallest differences in muscle effort or if the correct muscles are working and firing at the right times. During slow movements the nervous system is able to work on any inefficiencies in the movement pattern and is able to correct the movement so that it becomes more efficient and better coordinated.

Reducing the risk of injuries through smarter training

One of the key goals of any fitness trainer is to help reduce the risk of injuries in our canine companions. I don’t know a more torturing feeling for me as a pet parent than making my dog hurt through activities and sports that I’ve chosen for her. To me, reducing the risk of injuries is one of the key motivators for fitness training. Yet, strengthening work is only one part of it. If we don’t pay attention to the other end of the equation, we undermine our work. Read more in the full post.