Hey, I’m Mari Valgma

I am a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer since 2017, helping dedicated dog training enthusiasts train their dogs to move with precision, awareness and confidence, especially in situations that may otherwise be called “challenging”.
My passion is to help you achieve training goals faster, without overloading your dog’s body with repetitions in challenging training scenarios or placing your dog in dangerous situations over and over again.  

After working with more than 500 dogs over 5 years, I found traditional canine fitness training often lacking the elements that link the fitness exercises to real life challenges. Elements like movement and context – your dog is rarely still when doing the sport!

Hundreds of hours of brainstorming, researching and testing resulted in dynamic body awareness and coordination exercises for dogs: Movement Puzzles – a concept I first taught in 2020 and that has now become an integral part of everything I teach.

Movement Puzzles are more than exercises for fitness. They can also be used for boosting your dog’s confidence, focus, independent exercise performance, ignoring handler movement as a distraction…

The options are limitless once you know how to build and use Movement Puzzles!

Click here & listen to the episode on Movement Puzzles at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy podcast.

Mari Valgma, CPCFT

The creator of Movement Puzzles concept and online courses Beyond Dog Sports: Dog Walk and Movement Puzzles