I’ve just finished week 4 of the Where are my paws course, and can HIGHLY recommend it.  The explanations and videos are really good and clear.  I have been working through it with both my dogs and their paw targeting behaviours are so much more cleaner and calmer.  No extinction behaviours, no dancing around, no snatching at food, and I can see the improved posture transferring to everything else too.  I will definitely be doing another course with Mari.  – Lucy-

This course was life changing for both my dog and me. We have always been struggling with shaping, and we have always been struggling with body awareness (especially hind legs). Not only that this class helped us with putting those paws at specific spots and targets. It also made both of us feel more confident in general, and we really loved all the sessions!

The lectures are great, and Mari’s feedback is amazing! Always detailed, helpful and motivating! We learned to love the clicker, we learned to love food, we learned to have fun with training – and we hope that Mari will have her next class ready very soon, because we can’t wait to continue working with her!!!  – Susanne –