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During my talk I mentioned a training concept called Movement Puzzles – movement exercises that happen to give several mental benefits to our dogs. Like the ability to deal better with stress (hello reduced reactivity!), reduce impulsive behaviors, lower frustration during training and staying in optimal arousal.

However, it is a bit tricky to imagine these movement exercises based on just my words. Here are a couple of video clips to show you what these movement exercises look like:

The key to these exercises is that they work on dog’s body awareness, proprioception and coordination. Your dog is moving while also learning how to control his body better. And as the body and mind are closely connected, many of my students notice their dogs becoming less reactive, walk calmer on the leash, and feel more confident in new situations! How cool is that?! 🙂

The foundation of these movement exercises is the 2 bowl game – we first need to create a pattern of moving back and forth between 2 bowls, that’s the first step of every single Movement Puzzle.

Here is the how-to video showing you exactly how to get started with this exercise!

Note that this video is from inside my Movement Puzzles course and may refer to other exercises that are not part of this training!

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