On this page I will give you the How To instructions for a powerful pattern exercise called the 2 Bowl Game.

In this game your dog will learn how to move independently from bowl to bowl. After mastering the foundations, you can start adding different exercises and “obstacles” between the bowls. And maybe even build your first Movement Puzzles 😉

Patterns are AMAZING! When your dog’s brain recognizes a pattern, it releases dopamine – one of the “feel good” hormones. Patterns also speed up learning, they improve memory. Teaching new things with a familiar pattern also gives your dog the feeling of “I know this game! Yay! I can do this!”.

Which is why patterns are my go-to solution for confidence boosting exercises!

Scroll down for the detailed 2 bowl game instructions!

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In case of questions, please send an email to Kriste from our support team: support@themovingcanine.com

Happy training 🙂

Scroll down for the first video! You can also get the 2 bowl game how to video together with a troubleshooting guide and next steps on your email so you will always have access to it:


Note that this video is from inside my Movement Puzzles course and may refer to other exercises that are not part of this training!