A self study course focusing on improving the handler and treat delivery mechanics. In this course you’ll find 28 exercises, the first 13 exercises are available to you straight away, the next 15 exercises will be available after 1 week of your registration to this course.

You will have access to the material for 1 year, you can download the PDF workbooks that will stay with you as long as you wish 🙂

These exercises are designed to help you improve your dog training skills without your dogs. How cool is that! Your movements will become more controlled and thought through. Your marking will become clearer and treat delivery more predictable for your dog.

As a result your dog will be able to learn faster as well as stay focused during the training sessions. Having clear mechanics will also help your dog to stay motivated and engaged during the training session instead getting frustrated and showing high arousal behaviors like barking, sniffing, walking away, throwing random behaviors, mugging your hands.

Us having clear mechanics during training also means that our dogs can focus on their own movement. For coordination training we really don’t have any other options – we do need to work on our own coordination – that is handler mechanics – in order for our dogs to develop good coordination.