Imagine your dog running around a cone at full speed. Or hitting the running contact spot on. Or moving through the rubble, putting all their effort into finding a missing person.

All of these scenarios require movement skills from our dogs. Coordination skills. Skills that tell them how to use their body while in movement.

We often count on our dogs learning movement skills during their sports or work training resulting in:

Limited set of movement skills that don’t transfer over to other areas

No general motor skills that would significantly improve our dog’s performance

Increased risk of injuries due to limited movement patterns

Our dogs need movement exercises!

Coordination exercises that link fitness training to real life situations. Because strength training is not enough!

Improve performance

Coordination exercises develop movement skills that carry over to sport and work. They improve your dog’s performance!

Put that power into use

Movement skills teach our dogs to really use the power and strength they have. While actually moving!

Moving well is a life skill!

Having good movement skills helps your dog to use his body in the best possible way.

Make sure your dog has all the necessary movement skills by joining the Beyond Dog Sports program

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Here’s what the students are saying:

Mari’s methods of teaching canine body coordination are nothing short of genius. I was not new to paw targets or clicker training when I started taking lessons from her on the subject, however, I was amazed by how much I could improve my training in this area. The setup of Mari’s exercises is designed so that both the dog and the handler will experience the minimum amount of error and frustration. Everything is broken down into simple, easy to understand pieces that fluidly build up to more complex behaviors in a satisfyingly logical manner. Her program really is a must for any training enthusiast, I guarantee you will learn something new!

I’ve just finished week 4 of the Where are my paws course, and can HIGHLY recommend it.  The explanations and videos are really good and clear.  I have been working through it with both my dogs and their paw targeting behaviours are so much more cleaner and calmer.  No extinction behaviours, no dancing around, no snatching at food, and I can see the improved posture transferring to everything else too.  I will definitely be doing another course with Mari. 

One of the things I’ve really begin to appreciate about your Paws class as we’re working through it is how reward placement truly impacts movement.  I thought I was fairly reward placement savvy after years of dog training with approaches like shaping, but until your class I hadn’t really grasped how influential just the tiniest different in reward location can be.  It’s been really revolutionary to me, to consider my reward location now down to the centimetre, way more precise than I’d before forced myself to consider.